Eric, Stephanie and their Monster S4R

So what’s its superpower? The sound of its engine that you can never forget: you can feel it in your skin, in your heart, in your soul.

"I was one of the many who was left speechless by the images of the first Monster and it didn't take long to realise that I was witnessing an actual revolution. The Monster is a motorcycle that literally became a part of me, having one tattooed on my shoulder. It became a life partner with me and Stephanie, with which we share many of our most beautiful moments.

So what’s its superpower? The unique and unmistakable sound of its engine, the soundtrack for all our travels together. Unforgettable trips? I could say all of them, but if I had to choose I would say two of them: the nine hundred kilometres travelled to see the Grand Prix of Valencia and the trip to participate in the Monster Parade at the Paul Ricard circuit. Seeing so many Monsters in the same place made me feel like a kid in a candy shop, wanting to see and try them all, not missing a single one!"