Guido and his Monster S4

"Monster is always on my mind, wherever I am."

I saw the Monster for the first time in 1994, in a magazine. I was working on an oil rig. I wasn't in a position to get off the rig and go to a dealership, but then and there I decided that sooner or later I would buy one. In 1996 I was finally able to buy one from a guy in London who had only used it for 1,500 km. It was a Monster and it was black, just like I wanted.

I like the position on this bike and how easy it is to ride: it's almost like riding a bicycle, all you need is three metres of space around you and you can do whatever you want. I use it every day in Milan traffic without any problems.

The most beautiful trip I took with the Monster was in 2005, a tour of the Alps riding alone: 11 days of mountain passes and curves, 350 km a day and I slept wherever I happened to stop. 

This is my ninth WDW. I only missed the one in 1994, but it wasn't my fault: I was on a rig in Siberia for work and there were problems with my visa. If I had come to the WDW as I had planned I wouldn't have been able to return to Siberia to work for a month and a half. So unfortunately I didn't have much of a choice.