Jerome and his Monster 796

"Its superpower is that it always gives me feelings of pure freedom

I believe in love at first sight because that's just what happened with the Monster. I didn't need to see a photo in a magazine or visit the dealer, it was enough to see it parked along the road for me to fall totally in love.

And now that I own one myself, the magic’s still there: every time I see a Monster speed by I can’t help following it with my eyes, almost as if it was some sort of imprinting or basic instinct. My Monster is a magical motorbike because it has the power to give me a feeling of pure freedom, and those moments are so precious because they’re increasingly rare to experience. Not only that, it’s also a faithful companion that accompanies me on new adventures and a friend I can rely on to escape the frenetic pace of daily life. I believe the Monster has the superpower to gather around it many people from across the world who share the same passion for a motorbike that has made history.
Happy Birthday, Monster!"