Kevin and his Monster 600

"My Monster’s superpower? It’s totally unique

I’m a custom builder and airbrush artist and for the last two years, I’ve had this idea of a project that’s mine alone: to rework an iconic motorbike in a custom version. I chose the Monster because it’s the only motorcycle that has the allure of an immortal bike along with a twin cylinder engine, the best for manoeuvring the narrow, twisty roads of my Corsica. And so I went out and bought a Monster 600. I thought about how to transform it based on my tastes to make it even more unique. I spent days and nights working on it and the result ... well, here it is! This is a Monster that combines the vintage appeal of motorcycles of yesterday with a whole series of technical details that make it even more glamorous and high-performing. Plus it’s got an original, unconventional colour that catches the eye.

My Monster has the superpower to exhilarate me! Most of all because I feel as if it were “my” little creature, and then because of all the emotions I experience when riding it along the roads I love more than anything, those of my island!"