Kevin, Celynia and their Monster 1100

So what’s its superpower? It frees my mind!

"I've always had a weakness for the Monster and when I saw an 1100 in a dealership my heart jumped. I was literally enchanted by its line and the exhausts under the seat, to the point of not being able to resist: in a few days I sold the bike I owned and I rushed to buy my first Monster.

So what's its superpower? It's able to clear my mind, leaving me free to think only of the road ahead of me and the pure pleasure of riding. Monster is a passion that I share with Celynia, my girlfriend and perfect travelling companion. We are always ready to go out and face any itinerary, whether it be a simple outing for work or crossing our beloved Alpine passes. Always together, in total safety and perfect comfort. Me, her and our beloved Monster! "