Lorenzo and his Monster 1200

"The Monster is a motorcycle with a super character!"

I saw the Monster for the first time when I was a kid, in an advertisement: Loris Capirossi riding a 695 and saying, "This is how you become a Ducatista". I was really struck by this and my father noticed it. After some time he took me to the dealership, "Just to see it", he said. But once inside, seeing my enthusiasm he exclaimed, "Okay, we'll take it". And today I'm on my third Monster.

The superpower of this bike is its "super character", which ranges from sporty, to practical, to simple. A motorcycle like this offers a boundless feeling of freedom: when I accelerate I can distinctly feel the rear wheel spinning away my problems, leaving them 100 metres behind me. 

With Monster I took one of my best trips just to come to WDW this year: most of the road I travelled with friends, then I picked up my girlfriend and we came here. This journey had everything: friendship, love, the road travelled on a motorcycle, sunny days.

And then entering those gates and knowing that I could have a chat with anybody of the 80,000 people I see, knowing that everyone would respond with warmth and enthusiasm.