Michael and his Monster 900

The Monster’s superpower? Its singular exuberance!

I lost my mind for the Monster when I met a woman who later became my partner, who already owned one. She granted me the "privilege" of trying it: it took only a few minutes to understand that I couldn't live without one! Since then she and I share not only a life together but also the same passion.

The Monster is the only bike that combines the characteristics of a real diva: it's exuberant, elegant, exaggerated. It has the superpower of making me feel good in every situation! 

Some of the most intense memories of my life are associated with my Monster. Of all of them, the best is our trip to World Ducati Week 2012: from Thuringia to Misano, through an endless series of adventures and small and large setbacks, but nothing could keep us from participating in one of the greatest events in the world. Because World Ducati Week is a must, both for us and our Monsters.