Piero and his Monster

"My Monster has the superpower of being fun, always."

In the past I always rode scooters, but in 2007 I fell in love with my wife and the Monster. I've had a lot of fun with this motorcycle, it's agile and rides very well both in the mountains and on flat roads. I used it to take lots of trips, especially to visit Tuscany and Marche, two regions that offered fantastic views.

2018 was my fifth World Ducati Week, and every time the experience is different. I came to the first WDW with my wife, while the following year I was alone because my first child had just been born. But for the third edition my son was big enough so we all came. I was alone again for the fourth edition because my second child was born. And finally this year, at the fifth edition, I'm here with the whole family, the last child included. It's really nice to be here together as a family.