Rudolphe and his Monster 1100

So what’s its superpower? It can always make me smile!

"My 2010 Monster 1100 is the gift I gave myself for my 40th birthday: I didn't have a riding licence, but a minute after I saw it in the dealer's showroom I ran to sign up to take the riding test. I love my Monster because it has the superpower of always making me smile, every time I get on the bike. I am a happy owner of two other Ducatis: a Panigale to challenge myself and have fun on the track and a GT 1000 twin-seater for my Sunday outings.

But the Monster is the bike I rode for my most memorable trips, the best of all being the one that I took from Marseilles where I live to Misano: 960 kilometres non-stop to participate in World Ducati Week 2010. An emotion that is impossible to describe, an experience that I can't wait to repeat."