Walter and his Monster 900


"With my Monster I feel like a teenager again!"

I saw the Monster for the first time in '97 when a guy parked it in front of my office. I immediately said to myself, "One day I'll have a Monster". When I was a teenager I wanted a motorcycle but my parents refused to buy one. So when I decided to take the big step I went to see the bike in the dealership on Tuesday, I signed the contract on Wednesday and Saturday I took it home. When it reached 100,000 km I threw a party in its honour in the restaurant I ran in Milan, even dedicating a poem to it. 

It's a bike that can be personalised in so many different ways. Mine is constantly evolving, every year I change something, making it truly unique. My best trip was my first real motorcycle vacation, in Corsica with a friend. Only us, our bikes, tents and two weeks of camping wherever we happened to stop. Not to mention WDW: I missed the first because I had to work, but since 2010 I've always been there. Currently I have a seasonal job that forces me to work in the summer, but this winter when I changed job I immediately notified my new boss that in July I would be here, I had to come and play with the Monster Band, the group I started a few years ago. We tried to play at the event last year but it wasn't possible, so we positioned ourselves on the median just outside the entrance and we played for half an hour with acoustic guitars and battery-powered amplifiers. We were so good that this year we got the go-ahead to play inside the event.