Yannick, Gregory and their 1997 Monster 1200 S and 750

Our Monsters' superpowers? An incredible engine that never disappoints.

"Ours is the story of a love handed down from father to son. My passion for the Monster was born years ago when a dear friend of mine, a mechanic at a Ducati dealership, decided to surprise me by setting aside a Monster 750 so he could give it to me on my 40th birthday. Since then, my Monster and I have been a steady couple, and to date we have travelled over 110,000 kilometres together.

My son Gregory followed in my footsteps a few years later, becoming a Monsterista himself and accompanying me on many of my adventures, including the trip we took to the Monster gathering in Le Castellet. The Monster is an incredible bike whose superpower is in its engine: a versatile, reliable and adrenaline-filled twin cylinder that makes it possible for you to do whatever you want. Literally."