XDiavel by numbers

5.000, 147, 40. Three numbers that summarise the XDiavel concept. 5000 the number of RPM at which the engine delivers maximum torque, 147 the ergonomic configurations for the rider, 40 the degrees of the angle at maximum lean.

5.000 rpm

5,000. The number of revolutions per minute at which the new Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 reaches maximum torque, equal to 12.8 kgm. This level of rpms is decidedly low for a Ducati twin cylinder, but it's perfect for the relaxed ride of a true cruiser. Moreover, at just 2,100 rpm the XDiavel engine guarantees a torque of more than 10 kgm and an extremely flat curve up to the limiter. 

This absolute regularity at low rpms allows a smooth ride even at reduced speeds. The maximum power is 152 hp at 9,500 rpm, for an exciting performance at all revs. 

147 ergonomic configurations

147 is the number of different possible ergonomic configurations for the rider, achieved by combining the various options available as standard or by drawing on a range of exclusive accessories.

The XDiavel can be customised like a tailored suit thanks to seven rider footpeg positions, seven seats and three different handlebars. 

The rider's standard footrests are shifted forwards and can be re-adjusted to three different positions. Moved-back and central footpegs are available as accessory kits and they are also adjustable.

The standard handlebar can be replaced with alternative accessory versions shifted forward or rearward without changing cables, blocks or other details.

In addition to the standard seat there are six different rider seats available as accessories: a comfort seat that is wider, a high seat, a very high seat, a low seat, a version that is shifted forward and one in leather with an exclusive design.

For the passenger as standard equipment the XDiavel offers a standard seat, a wider and more comfortable version and a backrest that integrates perfectly with the bike's lines.

40° lean angle

40 degrees is the maximum leaning angle, an unthinkable value for a bike with forward-shifted footpegs. That's why the XDiavel guarantees exciting performance combined with the ease and comfort of a true cruiser. Whether on long straight roads or winding paths, the XDiavel is always able to offer maximum riding pleasure.