DRE Adventure

Two days among the fascinating Tuscan countryside in the spectacular location of the Nipozzano Castle.

DRE Advenutre Programme

Two days among the fascinating Tuscan countryside in the spectacular location of the Nipozzano Castle.

Day 1


Visit to the Nipozzano Castle wine cellars 

Technical briefing

Introduction to the apparel and the bike


Lunch at Nipozzano Castle


Adventouring tips and tricks

Dinner at Nipozzano Castle

Day 2

Participants gathering and tour departure


Return to Nipozzano Castle and course wrap up

The location

Castello di Nipozzano is the location of excellence for the DRE Adventure Academy. The ancient stronghold that has defended Florence since the year 1000 is the most famous and historic property of the Marquises de Frescobaldi.

In the vast fields around the castle, training areas have been set up dedicated to practical exercises. Once the exercises are over, you will be able to put into practice what you have learnt by exploring the magnificent routes through the surrounding Tuscan hills.

At lunch and dinner, you will be able to sample a variety of traditional Tuscan dishes expertly prepared with top quality ingredients and accompanied by a selection of wines produced on the Frescobaldi family's estates.

Choose the Ducati that fits you best

Custom DRE Adventure

Looking for a custom adventure?

Ducati offers the possibility of organising an exclusive and "tailor-made" Off Road course: One to One or with a group of friends, with instructor Beppe Gualini.Contact reception and agree on dates!

For any information or need, please contact the DRE secretary at 

In the face of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, all the activities of the DRE Academy courses are regulated by precise safety protocols, respecting the hygiene regulations necessary to make the events safe in every detail.

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