DRE Enduro Academy: Instructors

The Ducati Riding Experience courses have always been taken by the very best instructors, authentic experts in their various disciplines. 

An expert guide: Beppe Gualini

The technical director of DRE Enduro is Beppe Gualini, an exceptional maestro. He’s a record-holder for the African rally-raids having taken part 65 times, he’s an independent rider with a good 10 editions of the Paris-Dakar rally under his belt, the epic ones of the 1980s when GPS was unknown to the majority and the organisation wasn’t so sophisticated.

“We covered over 20 thousand kilometres in 3 weeks in extreme conditions.”

Beppe Gualini’s extensive experience will be at the disposal of the participants who will have the opportunity to learn both efficient riding techniques and how to be in total control of a situation.

Beppe Gualini reveals tips and tricks of the legendary Paris-Dakar

Beppe Gualini DRE Enduro technical director reveals tips and tricks of the legendary Paris-Dakar bringing us back to the roots of the most famous rally.

In the face of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, all the activities of the DRE Academy courses are regulated by precise safety protocols, respecting the hygiene regulations necessary to make the events safe in every detail.

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