A sustainable event

Even this year World Ducati Week was certified as a sustainable event according to ISO 20121, demonstrating once again Ducati's commitment and growing focus on environmental, social and and economic sustainability issues.

Ducati, in the management of its activities and services, has always shown particular attention towards the environment and underlines its commitment to the rational use and optimisation of water and energy resources, as well as the production of waste. Ducati supports and encourages sustainability practices because it believes that they make a significant contribution to the company's success and safeguard its future development: this belief is an integral part of the strategy of Ducati and the VW Group.

Read Ducati's Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy to find out more. 

To address this commitment, the company has, among other things, adopted and implemented a Sustainable Event Management System according to ISO 20121 standard, for which it obtained certification at WDW 2016 and 2018. This initiative allows Ducati to demonstrate how an event capable of bringing together tens of thousands of Ducatisti enthusiasts from all over the world, can also be an opportunity for balanced management from an economic, environmental and social point of view, thus becoming an example in the world of two-wheel.

Once again this year, and for the third consecutive edition, Ducati has obtained ISO 20121 certification for the event. This important result was achieved thanks to careful management of sustainability policies involving not only Ducati and its employees, but also all stakeholders in the management and implementation of the event.

Since its first edition, the WDW has been a moment to share the great passion that binds the Ducatisti community to our brand and our motorbikes. The event also represents an extraordinary opportunity to involve fans, partners, suppliers and employees in an unforgettable experience, created with social responsibility, environmental sustainability and brand enhancement in mind.

Read the Sustainability Statement for WDW2022 where you w ill find all the initiatives we have designed to make the event sustainable.

Together for Sustainability

To meet our sustainability goals for WDW2022, we have decided to take a series of concrete environmental, social and economic sustainability actions.

Supply chain

One of the most relevant phases of the event design and implementation life cycle is the resource and raw material procurement phase.

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Driving Awareness

Sustainability also comes through driving knowledge and awareness.

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Sustainability also comes through what you choose to eat. Not all foods have the same ecological footprint.

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Separate waste collection

One of the most significant environmental impacts of WDW and events more generally is undoubtedly the generation of waste.

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Details of all the results achieved by sustainability activities during the event are available within the WDW 2022 Sustainability Report.  

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