Fisica in Moto: who we are

Fisica in Moto is the interactive Physics laboratory made in the historical Ducati factory of Borgo Panigale by Fondazione Ducati in collaboration with the Malpighi Liceo in Bologna and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The activities of Fisica in Moto are made by a group of expert tutors, anyone of which has gained extensive experience in the field of laboratory teaching and all come from scientific or technical/technological studies.

Behind the scenes of the Physics in Motion laboratory, the Didactic-Scientific Committee works to propose and implement improvements and innovations in the training proposal, both as regards contents and their communication and materials. The Didactic-Scientific Committee is made up of teachers and experts from the school world.

Members of the Scientific Didactic Committee

  • Prof.ssa Elena Ugolini (Education Counselor of the Ducati Foundation, President of the Didactic-Scientific Committee)
  • Prof. Federico Corni (Head of Didactic-Scientific Laboratory Fisica in Moto)
  • Dott.ssa Chiara Santoro (Laboratory curator Fisica in Moto)
  • Sig. Gianfranco Zappoli (Responsible for experimental equipment)
  • Prof.ssa Alessandra Adami (Liceo Medi of Villafranca)
  • Dott. Luca Baroni (People Development, Compensation and Organization Manager, Corporate Responsibility)
  • Prof. Alberto Cavaciuti (IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti of Bologna)
  • Prof. Paolo Giglioli (Liceo Malpighi of Bologna)
  • Dott. Giorgio Lulli (CNR-IMM of Bologna)
  • Ing. Giovanni Savino (Università degli Studi of Firenze)
  • Prof. Andrea Spagni (Liceo Formiggini ofSassuolo)
  • Ing. Pierluigi Zampieri (Innovation Manager Ducati)
  • Dott. Enzo Zecchi (Associazione Lepida Scuola)


It opens an interactive laboratory on Physics and Mechanics

In 2008 Fondazione Ducati in collaboration with the Liceo Malpighi of Bologna opens an interactive laboratory on Physics and Mechanics of the functioning of the motorcycle and the engine. A team of engineers, university professors and experts in Mechanics and Didactics of Physics, coordinated by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, ad hoc develops an interactive experimental path.

Inauguration of the "Fisica in Moto" Laboratory

On March 26, 2008, the laboratory was inaugurated in the presence of authorities and press and opened to visits by groups from high schools throughout Italy. The original purpose of the workshop, the first and almost unique of its kind, is to create a bridge between school and factory, overcoming and improving the experience of science and technology museums, allowing students to be actors and not spectators of scientific discovery.

First edition of the Summer School

In July 2011 the laboratory hosts the first edition of the summer school of Physics for motivated and deserving students. During the Summer School students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in scientific research, working on their own experiment.  

Courses for teachers and school executives

Since 2017, Fisica in Moto organizes training and refresher courses for teachers and school managers in collaboration with the Association for the Teaching of Physics and under the patronage of the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna.

Fisica in Moto openings to schools and the public

From April 2018 the workshop opens to guided tours of middle school classes, with a new tailor-made educational path, and the public. Today the laboratory also aims to bring the public of enthusiasts and curious of all ages closer to science and technology, starting from the concrete experience offered by Ducati motorcycles and engines.

Summer School is part of the National Plan for Enhancement of the Excellence

In 2019, the Fisica in Moto Summer School enters the National Plan for Enhancement of the Excellence of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.