Room 2
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 The second room is an innovative scientific laboratory, where you can study physical principles in depth, thanks to four machines specifically designed by Ducati engineers in collaboration with highly qualified suppliers.

The difference between mass and weight, experiments on Newton's second and third principles, the conservation of angular momentum are the main subjects of this room.

A low friction surface and carts provided with ball bearings, used to hold cubes of different masses, introduce the role of mass in Dynamics and its difference with weight. How can we relate mass and speed variation?

A low-friction surface and two sporting seats located inside a real ring. Discovering Newton's third law.

Two motorbikes run on parallel tracks, pulled by two weights: which one, letting the two go from still and at the same time, will win the race? Which factors at play can we modify to make one of the two teams win for sure?

Students sit on a motorbike mounted on a beam which can rotate around an axis which is perpendicular to the beam itself.

The bike can move backwards and forwards along the beam thanks to an electric engine. Once the ride has been set rotating, the students by simply moving along the beam, will markedly change their angular velocity: how is this possible?

Students bring to life a real MotoGP of Physics, learning on four exciting interactive workstations that the very same physical laws already met before fit the study of the engine and of motorbike Dynamics also.

The intuitive, but rigorous, study of physical concepts such as torque, power and gyroscopic momentum will lead each team to acquire the necessary know-how to reach the finish-line first.