Room 2

Scientific Laboratory

The second room is an innovative scientific laboratory where you can learn about the physical principles of Newton's Laws. Four machines specially designed by Ducati engineers in collaboration with highly qualified suppliers allow a deeper reflection on these fundamental laws of Classical Mechanics.

Difference between mass and weight, experiments on the second and third principles of Newton and conservation of momentum and angular momentum are the undisputed protagonists of this room.

Plan "without" friction

A low-friction plane and ball-bearing trolleys, on which cubes of different mass are housed, allow us to talk about the role of mass-inertia in the study of motion and its difference with respect to weight. How are mass and speed variation connected?

Chairs of the Third Principle

A low-friction surface and two sports chairs mounted on air bearings inserted inside a ring. Discovering Newton's Third Law and the conservation of momentum.

Fletcher machine

Two models of motorcycles run along parallel tracks: which of the two will win the race? Which parameters can we modify to benefit one or the other team?

Carousel of angular momentum

A motion, resting on a beam that rotates around its center: what happens to the speed of the carousel when the bike approaches or moves away from the center? Why? In this location we discover the conservation of angular momentum.