Workshops for high school classes

The didactic proposal of the Fisica in Moto laboratory requires the active collaboration of the teachers and the fundamental contribution of the professors in the preparation, during and after the visit. Fisica in Moto intends to complete and sustain school teaching without replacing it by making the physical principles and concepts more familiar and intuitively more understandable. Fisica in Moto is a teaching aid and is not certified as a School-Work Alternation.

The Fisica in Moto experience consists of an inseparable package consisting of a visit to the teaching laboratory, from the visit to the factory and to the Ducati museum. Ducati Motor Holding reserves the right to vary the duration, content and program of the visit in case of production changes or special circumstances.

New: Bookings for the 2018/19 school year are closed due to availability exhaustion. The 2019 calendar will be available from the middle of September.

The cost of the activities varies depending on the number of participants:

  • Up to 15 students: € 255.00
  • From 16 to 30 students: € 510.00
  • From 31 to 45 students: € 765.00

Teachers and carers enter for free, such as the coach driver, the disabled and their support. A maximum of 45 students are allowed per visit. There are no exceptions on the maximum number.