Bruno Spaggiari

Born on 11 January 1933 in Reggio Emilia, since his youth Bruno Spaggiari aspired to a "lively" life. When he first saw a motorcycle competition he decided to become a racing rider. The first motorcycle he could buy was a Cucciolo, and at the age of twenty, in 1953, he bought a Gitane with a two-stroke engine. With this bike he participated in his first sports competition, the Venzano Casina.

The following year he demonstrated his full potential by winning the first race of his professional racing career.

The 4-stroke engines were starting to be competitive, and Spaggiari decided to go up in class and race with a Gitane 175. The rapid progress and the aptitude to ride any motorcycle were the necessary characteristics for Ducati to select him the same year to race with a Marianna as official rider of the team.

Spaggiari's first appearance as a member of the Ducati team was at Motogiro.

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