Marcello Cavalieri Ducati

The youngest of the three brothers, Marcello Cavalieri Ducati was born in Bologna in 1912.

When the "Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati" was founded in 1926, Marcello was not yet old enough to be considered a founding partner, as he was still under eighteen.

Only from the mid-1930s did Marcello’s name start to appear in the firm’s deeds of incorporation, institutionally uniting the three Ducati brothers as managers of the company of the same name.

But what different roles did the three brothers take on to ensure that the Borgo Panigale factory would operate efficiently? We know that Adriano was the “scientist”, but in fact Adriano Cavalieri Ducati headed up the Research Division, responsible for research, analysis, technical development, design, and production control and testing. Marcello Cavalieri Ducati led the Works Division, which involved the preparation of designs, equipment and machinery, the organization of works, and human resources management. Bruno managed the central division, which essentially comprised the commercial, administrative, and statistical divisions, company development, and national/international external relations.

The professional and personal life he shared with brothers Adriano and Bruno had implications for Marcello Ducati too. Marcello continued to be involved in the professional activities from the end of the war until after the sale of the company in 1948 and his subsequent move to Milan. Until the late 50s in fact, when he decided to open his own business designing and building automatic systems for doors and gates. Son Lorenzo has followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing the business.

Marcello Ducati died in Milan on 17 February 1998. He was 85.

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