“A doubly historical result: the 3 top places on the podium attained by Ducati are the perfect corollary to a championship in which we recorded the most podiums in our sporting history: 24 with 7 victories. A fantastic season during which, in each Grand Prix, at least one Ducati started from the front of the grid, always increasingly aware of our strength, which represents a driving force for the future in conquering that missing piece.
Pecco’s fourth seal in the last 6 MotoGP races, in addition to his many pole positions as well as the races he led, all tell of the prodigious growth of a rider who is now asserting himself with absolute mastery. Jack, with 2 initial successes, raced a championship end of season with promising growth, the result of an acquired maturity and a reactive spirit that in certain races counts as much as an outright victory.
But above all, it was the team’s commitment and unity that proved to be our real strength, in success as in adversity: we always believed in it, with our hearts and minds, and so did our riders, veritable standard bearers for the precious work done by all the Ducati Corse men and women. A great family, completed by our satellite Teams who rose to the occasion, enhancing the future talents: we are justly proud.
While joining in the ovation for Valentino, I also wish to pay tribute to another MotoGP protagonist, who rode his last lap today: a big embrace to Danilo Petrucci for being what he is and for being what he was: one of us!”