Contadi Castaldi presents a new Franciacorta selected together with Ducati

The cuvée celebrates, with a dedicated label, the dynamic partnership between the two brands

Always present during Ducati team’s celebrations around the world, the Contadi Castaldi bottles will continue to do so also for 202

Since 2016, Contadi Castaldi has been the Official wine partner of Ducati Corse. Two very similar brands that meet and combine based on shared values: ambition, research and experimentation, innovation, dedication and creativity. 

An important union between two companies born in Italy but with a global reach, competing at the very top of their respective sectors and marking standards of undisputed and recognized excellence. 

To celebrate this bond, the creation of a dedicated of a dedicated cuvee was clearly called for: the Ducati Brut Race.

The adventure begins in March 2017. Francesca Moretti, CEO of Terra Moretti Vino, and Gianluca Uccelli, Chief Winemaker at Contadi Castaldi, assemble three cuvees, starting with about eighty base wines. Together with the President of Terra Moretti Vino, Vittorio Moretti, the CEO of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali and Ducati Corse’s General Manager, engineer Luigi Dall’Igna, they selected those that most exemplified the temperament and the soul of the two brands. 

After the composition of the cuvee was decided upon in May 2017, tirage, followed. After bottling, the wine transformed itself month after month, during the secondary fermentation, and rested, until September 2019. At that point, it was ready and “impatient” for disgorgement, with the addition the most dynamic and streamlined liqueur. In December 2019 the wine is now ready to be enjoyed by all the fans of Ducati and Contadi Castaldi.

“I wanted a wine that would celebrate Ducati, yesterday and today, exalting its uniqueness, its extraordinary capacity to elicit emotion. A Franciacorta with expressive, dynamic aromas, as agile and sinuous as an S-curve, with a fresh, vertical, powerful and energetic character, like our new V4,” says Francesca Moretti.

“Celebrating after a race with some good wine is certainly a pleasure,” says Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO, “and something we hope to be able to do every time out. Doing it with these new Contadi Castaldi bottles, created and selected together, means combining that pleasure with the pride that comes from having a Franciacorta dedicated to Ducati, to our bikes, our spirit, our enthusiasm and the passion that we epitomize, and that we share with this prestigious winemaker. I can’t wait to uncork one of the new Ducati Brut Race bottles at a Grand Prix race: I’m sure the end-of-race toast will have an even more special and unique flavor.”

The Contadi Castaldi bottles have accompanied the Ducati team’s celebrations around the world, and from today on, they will continue to do so with a dedicated label.


Tasting Facts:

Brut Race: A dynamic and straightforward Franciacorta, fragrant, with a balanced and versatile style. A straw yellow color is enlivened by a fine and persistent perlage. The aroma is fresh and vertical, with notes of citrus, citron, pineapple and pear. To the palate it is fresh, with crisp notes accelerating into a record-setting finish. 

Grapes: Chardonnay 80%, Ppinot nero 10%, Pinot bianco 10%

Price: 21 euro

Sizes: 0.75 - Magnum