Ducati Desmosedici GP16 exhibited at Fisica in Moto laboratory

The educational laboratory by Fondazione Ducati, Fisica in Moto, will host the Ducati Desmosedici GP16, already exhibited during 2019 at the Ducati Museum on the occasion of the temporary exhibition "Anatomy of Speed", dedicated to the principles of aerodynamics applied to the world of engines.

Fisica in Moto’s guides will lead visitors to the Museum on a journey that tells how aerodynamics is a fundamental component at the base of the performance concept, through which Ducati expresses its excellence on a global level.

The tour starts from the concept of aerodynamics, and then focuses on the studies and solutions developed over the years in the racing field by specialized engineers and technicians. Ducati wants to involve fans by showing the process of transferring knowledge between racing and product, which has always been a fundamental part of the company's DNA.

Until the end of September it will be possible to visit the Ducati Museum and the Fisica in Moto laboratory at the special "Ricominciamo Insieme" rate of € 25 per person.

To find out how to visit and book the Ducati Museum and the opening days, visit the dedicated section at Ducati.com.