Ducati Explorer, the apparel line that transforms travel into pure emotion

When the desire for adventure calls, nothing can stop it. It doesn't matter whether it's the journey of a lifetime, or an afternoon off-road excursion: to fully enjoy every moment in the saddle, the right clothing is essential, combining safety and comfort in all conditions. The new Ducati Explorer line of apparel was born in this spirit, inspired by the style of the DesertX Rally and developed with the support of the same test riders who contributed to the creation of the most adventurous Ducati.

The centrepiece of this collection is a technical suit consisting of jacket and trousers, also available in a variant with a fit suitable for women. The line, designed to offer a trendy total look as well as high performance, is completed by the Ducati Explorer T7 boots and finds a perfect match, within the 2024 Ducati Apparel catalogue, with the popular Atacama C2 gloves. Finally, the Explorer collection is characterized by a "colour-block" theme, which extends to a series of casual garments with a contemporary taste, ideal for expressing one's adventurous and Ducati-branded personality even in everyday life.