Ducati invests in employee training with Accademia Ducati, now also digital

Ducati has always paid great attention to employee satisfaction and internal training. Accademia Ducati is the company’s academy that was founded in 2017 pursuing an important goal: to increase and consolidate the skills of each employee to make them become the intellectual capital of the entire company.

In the last year, Accademia Ducati has become completely digital, reducing distances and accelerating its programs to guarantee everyone, without distinction, a training offer that increases professionalism and enhances their talents.

Through the digital platform of the Accademia Ducati, each employee is invited to increase their skills with courses, e-learning and webinars to be held during working hours and which are part of the professional needs indicated by the company.

The training courses offered to staff differ in terms of company organizational levels and stages of professional development. Starting with the onboarding path, called "Scrambler", aimed at developing knowledge of the Ducati world, from the history of the company to the essential values ​​of the brand up to its sporting successes. The other paths, also called with the names of the different Ducati motorcycle models, instead aim to deepen technical skills as well as managerial and transversal skills.

The Accademia Ducati offers a constantly evolving catalogue of courses. The training offer includes courses on leadership, innovation and the digital world, also enriched with programmes related to Diversity & Inclusion. Employees can attend all the courses available on the Accademia Ducati by registering directly from the platform with the possibility of independently downloading the relative certification and improving their training curriculum.

The time to devote to learning for personal training offered by the new digital platform can be managed independently. In fact, the Accademia Ducati is accessible at any time from a PC and smartphone. Factory staff without a company computer can attend courses directly on their personal devices, thanks to the extension of the digital identity. The platform, which can already be consulted on a browser from a mobile phone, will soon also be available through mobile app.

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