International success for Ducati Riding Academy courses

The courses of the Ducati Riding Academy are enjoying great international success once again in 2021: the second stage of the Ducati China Racetrack Academy 2021 was held on 13-15 May at the Shanghai Circuit, one of the most coveted locations in China. 

Ducati was the first motorcycle brand to use the circuit in its complete configuration, confirming its premium positioning even with respect to riding classes in Central Asia.

The three-day class offered exciting moments on the track, and the 78 participants were even put to the test by sudden changes in the weather, but thanks to the organisation's support and its partnership with Pirelli for tyre changes, they were able to successfully complete the programme. 

The team of instructors worked in synergy to convey professionalism, passion and enthusiasm.

The next stage of the Ducati Racetrack Academy in China will be held at the end of September at the same circuit, and for the occasion Ducati China has scheduled a whole day dedicated to women on the track, underscoring how much the Borgo Panigale brand intends to involve women even in the supersport segment.

The new season’s courses of the Ducati Riding Academy are just getting started in Italy. The first Italian DRE Road and DRE Rookie classes held at the circuit in Modena on 22-23 May will be followed by the inauguration of the new DRE Adventure class on 10-13 June, and then it’s off to the track of the Misano Circuit for the first session of DRE Racetrack on 14-15 July. The courses will then resume in early September with three more stages dedicated to the road, off-road and track. 

The Italian stages of DRE Road and Rookie in May, the DRE Adventure stage in June and Racetrack in July were sold out long ago, demonstrating how fond customers are of these experiences. Indeed, Ducati is already working on scheduling other possible dates for customers and enthusiasts.

Ducati continues its commitment to offering superior experiences to confirm its positioning as an experiential brand and to engage enthusiasts from around the world.