Never let our guard down!

We can certainly say we’re always protagonists… in every respect: in a positive way, but this weekend also with a negative slant, in a race that concentrated all the emotions in the last two laps. 

A tenacious and combative Jorge made a tough and difficult challenge his own: a contest with many unknowns, handled and concluded with endurance, concentration and stubbornness, without ever giving up. A well-deserved reward for his perseverance shown in the GP and indeed throughout the weekend. 

Ducati also gained second place on the podium with Enea: grit and determination for a very worthwhile result. Today it was most important for him to be up there at the front, he needed it, even more so being on a track that he felt his own. We are at the beginning of the season and, without any doubt, this second place counts as a win. 

Very regrettable was the incident involving Pecco and Marc, which denied both the chance of scoring important points for the championship standings, in a complex race in which they were unable to vie for victory. In all honesty, any other comments would be utterly superfluous. 

This was a difficult weekend for Pecco, one in which we could not find the right balance, unlike the way we were able to do on other occasions, although in the sprint race everything seemed to be going well until the mistake that cost him the victory. An uncertain feeling, a constant struggle, all this finally confirmed in the worst possible way. We will have to understand why and immediately find the solution, without alarmism: this is what counts in the end. 

In any case... never let our guard down! This seems to be the leitmotif of the season’s beginning: we have already seen and said it all, but it always serves to remind ourselves of how much everyone has improved, how numerous and fearsome our opponents are, even the younger ones, with their enthusiasm, talent and speed, enterprising and totally lacking any reverential fear. 

It will be a long and exciting Championship, all to be experienced together with our fans, race after cliffhanging race. Come on, Ducati!