Range of original Ducati accessories for touring on asphalt or dirt. It's time to think about the next trip

A journey begins long before starting the motorbike. It is born in the soul of the motorcyclist, takes shape in his imagination and then materializes. Sometimes with meticulous planning, other times simply in the search for emotion, without a fixed destination.

For any type of traveller, planner or adventurer, the catalogue of original Ducati accessories offers a vast choice of packages and individual components, capable of meeting every need.

From the Diavel V4 to the DesertX Rally, from the Monster to the Multistrada V2 and V4, it doesn't matter which Ducati: in the 2024 accessories catalogue it is always possible to find useful proposals to support the desire to clock up kilometres and collect memories. Not even will off-road dust be a limit, thanks to accessories specifically designed for riding off the asphalt.

For any distance

Fascinating, muscular, aggressive: these are the first adjectives that come to mind when looking at the Diavel V4, a motorcycle designed to be the centre of attention. Yet the Ducati muscle-cruiser has always surprised with its ability to accommodate rider and passenger and accompany them on weekend getaways.

The Touring package (97981321AA) was designed specifically to enhance this latter side of its personality. Heated grips and a rear backrest are provided for the rider and passenger, while for carrying baggage there is a set of semi-rigid side cases with a capacity of 20 litres each, extendable to 24 thanks to a dedicated zip that frees up a bellows section. Furthermore, waterproof covers and a new rear light are supplied with the cases, necessary to maintain the homologation of the Diavel, guaranteeing safety and visibility.

To further increase the load capacity of the motorbike, or when you want to travel light, the optimal solution is a range of compact, practical and versatile bags. The universal rear bag (96782271AA), for example, has an extendable capacity from 7 to 9 litres and can be fixed to the passenger seat.

The same bag also offers a similar solution to Monster, Supersport and Hypermotard owners, while on the Multistrada V2 and V4 it can be fixed to the luggage rack. The tank pocket bag, on the other hand, has a semi-rigid structure and a capacity of 5 or 6 litres, depending on the model (96780262C for Multistrada V2, SuperSport and Monster; 96781603A for Multistrada V4 and Monster). It is ideal for storing documents and personal items, or a quickly reachable camera, plus a transparent top pocket for your smartphone and the supplied rain cap. The bag can be easily fixed to the tank cap via a practical quick attachment and release system*.

Then, when horizons widen and the needs for practicality and comfort increase, the Touring package becomes an irreplaceable travel companion. In the case of the Multistrada V2 (97981222AA) and V4 (97981021CA), it is made up of rigid plastic side cases, heated grips and central stand. The latter is replaced by a tinted windscreen that is 25mm higher than the standard one in the case of the SuperSport 950 (97180461A), which thus underlines its dual soul, sporty and touring. Designed for all Ducatisti who want to improve the comfort of their motorbike when temperatures drop, for example at high altitude on Alpine passes, the original heated grips finally include only two reference codes to cover the entire 2024 Ducati range: 96680702A for Multistrada and Desert X, 96680574A for all other models.

Adventouring beyond the asphalt

The pleasure of riding a Ducati can be pushed beyond the limits dictated by paved roads, a certainty for Multistrada and DesertX owners. Even for those who are not afraid of dust, therefore, the official accessories catalogue includes numerous solutions that look at comfort, luggage transport or preparing the bike for the most extreme conditions.

Those who want to enhance the off-road capabilities of their Multistrada can choose the Enduro packages (97981282AA for Multistrada V4, and 97980833C for Multistrada V2). Both include protective grilles for the water and oil radiators, steel engine guard bars and additional LED spotlights. The package dedicated to the V4 includes oversized handguards, replaced in the case of the V2 by the aluminium skid plate. The Rally seat (96881141AA) completes the off-road look and facilitates riding in the most demanding sections.

The aluminium Touring package (97981241BA) is specifically designed to turn long journeys into pure touring pleasure, with centre stand, heated grips, 76 litre aluminium panniers and 76 litre aluminium side cases and their stainless steel support frames, which can be mounted in either a floating or fixed configuration, to keep your luggage safe on any adventure and carry everything you need off-road.

In the case of the DesertX, one can take a further step in the direction of the model's natural vocation by opting for the Rally package (97981231AA). The latter includes the seat (96881131BA), which improves off-road riding by making it easier to switch from sitting to standing thanks to the increased seat height and one-piece construction. Included in the package are a protective grille for the front headlight, protective stickers and, above all, the 8-litre rear auxiliary tank, which considerably extends the bike's range of motion. All these components can also be purchased and installed individually on the DesertX Rally, except for the seat, which is already standard on this version.

Also available for the DesertX and DesertX Rally is the Off-road package (97981202AB). This includes a water cooler protection grille, aluminium skid plate, oversized hand guards, steel tube skid plate and additional water pump protection. In this way, no route will be off-limits anymore.

Those who want to increase comfort when riding the DesertX can install the Touring package (97981192AA) which, as on the Multistrada, includes centre stand, heated grips, and 76 litre aluminium side cases complete with stainless steel support frames.

Turn-by-Turn navigation

Identifying a destination and deciding how to reach it is only the beginning of the journey. Opting to leave room for improvisation or follow the best path is one choice. In this case, Ducati has decided to offer a wide range of solutions dedicated to navigation, which can be combined with the different models in the range, where this kind of system has not already been envisaged as in the case of the Multistrada V4, the first motorcycle in the world to offer a navigation system integrated into the original instrumentation.

For DesertX, DesertX Rally and Diavel V4, Ducati offers the optional Turn-by-Turn navigation software. It is a solution integrated with the motorcycle's standard instrumentation, implemented through the MyDucati app. The navigation instructions will thus appear on the motorbike display screen in the form of large and visible arrows and explanatory pictograms, with the addition of useful traffic information. The graphics of the directions are very similar to those of a classic roadbook, with the advantage that the destination can be a city centre shop or a remote area to be explored for the first time.

For all the other motorbikes, or for anyone with more structured needs in terms of navigation, Ducati offers the Zumo XT system, with dedicated plates for mounting on the various models of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer while maintaining the look & feel of an OEM solution.