The Panigale V4R on display at the exhibition “Red in Italy. The colours of Red in the italian design”

Ducati has always been a synonym for design. Red is the color that identifies the most Borgo Panigale’s motorbikes and makes them worldwide recognizable. 

The exhibition “Red in Italy. The Colours of Red in the Italian Design”, organized by the Galleria Campari and host in the Italian Cultural Institute in Bruxelles open since September 12th, could not lack the Panigale V4R, the latest arrived in the Ducati range. 

The project highlights the main elements that identify the “Made in Italy” all over the world such as design, tradition, heritage and practical excellence. The Panigale V4R is the expression of the extreme care that Ducati puts in design and fits perfectly into the exhibition pathway. One of Ducati’s most beautiful bikes together with other iconic Made in Italy items show the importance of colors in the Italian cultural landscape.