Losing in this way hurts greatly; hopes and expectations are obviously shattered, with so much bitterness being felt. The truth is, however, that when expectations are that high, it follows that the value of the TEAM is equally high. I want to grasp this aspect, this indication, and thank all the women and men of Ducati Corse for the excellent work they are doing.
An awareness that is already a confirmation in itself and that comes after such a difficult day, therefore even stronger. We must however be positive, and content with what we have done.
Precisely in this way, we must believe and battle on to the end, knowing that our World Championship is based above all on the desire to “do”, on the grit and professionalism everyone attributes us, as well as on the group spirit that characterises us.
The standings will finally pronounce their verdict and, in any case, we will have kept true to the promise made to our supporters, that of always having given of our best. Come on, Ducati!