We.Together: Ducati takes part in the international days of diversity and inclusion with Audi

The European Diversity Month is an annual event dedicated to the importance of integration, openness and respect for diversity in the workplace and in society.

Ducati places the well-being of people at the centre of its corporate philosophy, eliminating all forms of discrimination in terms of employment, gender, age, background and currents of thought. The company makes diversity a resource and seeks to strengthen the sense of belonging of each of its employees by strongly encouraging the sharing of their experiences and individual development.

For Ducati, the starting points are listening and constant and mutual dialogue, which is why the company will enthusiastically take part in We.Together, an internal event organised by Audi in collaboration with the international network of which Ducati belongs together with Bentley, Italdesign and Lamborghini. There are 78 interactive sessions of panels, keynotes and networking moments for a total of 65 hours of open dialogue about diversity and inclusion in 9 different languages.

Through We.Together, all employees of all Group members will be able to contact each other and discover the common thread that binds them. Everyone will be able to express themselves personally, show their uniqueness, be a source of inspiration for the listener, offer their ideas and make them available to contribute to the collective aim of inclusion.

Ducati undertakes this initiative with commitment and seriousness, convinced of the fact that the richness of diversity generates value, excellence and innovation. At the heart of the HR strategy of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer is the culture of belonging, which translates on the one hand into the drive towards respect, allegiance, collaboration and cooperation between employees and on the other in the commitment to the value of inclusion, so that everyone can feel welcomed, listened to and aware of the potential of each individual person.