Ducati Battery Charger

The Ducati Battery Charger is an Italian-style premium product designed to increase the life of your battery and ensure your Ducati is always ready to start especially during low-use winter periods.

Made by tecMATE with the approval of Ducati R&D, this device is your best choice to keep your Ducati in optimal condition by only using Ducati Genuine Spare Parts.

Ducati Battery Charger

The Ducati Battery Charger extends the lead-acid batteries life by maintaining charge level during periods of low motorcycle use.

This charger operates using an entirely automated microprocessor-controlled system. Once the battery is fully charged, it switches to maintenance mode and if electronic accessories cause a voltage drop, the charger automatically returns to charging mode.

Suitable for all Ducati models, connect directly to the DDA (Ducati Data Acquisition) socket for new models or use the cable with eyelets for models without DDA socket.

Not suitable for: Non-rechargeable NICD, NIMH, LI-ON batteries.

Ducati Lithium Charger

The Ducati Lithium Charger is designed for new models using Lithium-lon batteries, guarantees your Ducati's electrical system is consistently optimized for every ride.

Developed with Ducati R&D approval, the charger can be connected via the Ducati diagnostic connector (Euro4 / Euro5), via a cable with metal eyelets and folding cap on the weatherproof connector or via a connection cable with an alligator clip. Moreover, for new models, the device can be connected directly to the DDA (Ducati Data Acquisition) socket.

Not suitable for: NICD, NIMH, other types of LI-ION or non-rechargeable batteries.

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