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Chiara, Marialena and Stefania: best friends, friends for life.

For Mariaelena Caizzi, Chiara Lovato and Stefania Demicheli, no time is better spent than time spent on their bikes. On a Ducati, to be precise. But even better is for all three of them to unleash their passion together. Like at the inaugural leg of the DRE Rookie, the event where they met each other about a year ago and kick-started their wonderful friendship. Like at the Scrambler Days of Joy, where they regularly show off their riding skills to the whole community, and at the track day riding the new Monster. The latter is where we met them to give all the Ducatisti a chance to get to know them better.

Their social profiles already say a lot about them: they are young, they are friendly, they know how to have fun and entertain. As well as being motorcyclists and digital creators, they are great friends and passionate Ducatistas. Are we forgetting anything?

Mariaelena - I’m a student of exercise science. In the past I was a professional high jump and triple jump athlete. Ever since then I've had the competitive spirit. Everything I do, I do out of passion but also for the challenge. I love training almost as much as cultivating my friendships.

Chiara - I’m a management engineer. I balance the more rational part of myself with an unbridled passion for adrenaline sports such as skiing, downhill skiing and wakeboarding. And of course bikes.

Stefania - I work in the family workshop. I love sports, skiing in particular, but I really don't like being indoors. Fortunately I live in the Langhe, a fantastic place that allows me to spend all my time on the bike.

Where does your passion for motorbikes come from?

Stefania - It was my father who passed on to me his passion for engines in general. A slalom rider, he always had a soft spot for cars. While I always preferred motorbikes from a young age, and as soon as I could I bought one.

Mariaelena - For me too it comes from the family. My grandfather raced the first Morini motorbikes. My father is also a motorcyclist. At first he wasn't convinced about letting me ride bikes, but luckily he softened up!

Chiara - I'm from Bologna, so I grew up with the myth of the hills of Bologna and Ducati. When I was 14 I got my licence and after three months of constant nagging my father gave in and bought me a scooter. I used it a lot, I think I did something like 30,000 km! Then at the age of 24 I switched to the Monster. I was so obsessed that I bought it before I even had my licence!

The passion that made you famous. Remember what you thought the first time you saw each other, at the DRE Rookie a year ago?

Mariaelena - Chiara is crazy!

Chiara - Oh yes, I was so excited, it was my first experience on the track and I couldn't wait!

Stefania - We had so much fun. It was the first experience on the track for all of us, and after some initial embarrassment we all enjoyed it to the full and very naturally.

Mariaelena - We got on immediately, we gave each other advice throughout the day, and even after that experience we kept in touch. From there a really strong friendship was formed, and being able to share the passion with real friends makes everything more magical.

Chiara - We are all different ages and we all do different things. If it hadn't been for Ducati, we would never have met, but here we are, inseparable!

What's your bike?

Chiara - The Monster 695, but I'm switching to the SuperSport 950 very soon. I've already ordered it!!!

Stefania - The Monster 821.

Mariaelena - The bike I've always dreamed of: the Full Throttle Scrambler.

And how often do you use it?

Mariaelena - All the time, even in winter! The insurance is always active, because for me it would be unthinkable to have a sunny weekend without a ride on the bike.

Chiara - Like me, I have never frozen the insurance. I always ride my bike to work, whatever the weather!

Stefania - Unfortunately, here in Turin, we have to stay put during the coldest months. But from March onwards I always use it as soon as the opportunity comes along.

What kind of motorcyclist are you? Sporty, travel-loving, adventurous?

Stefania - For me, the best thing is a weekend trip on the mountain roads and Alpine passes, but the track excites me and I want to get back there as soon as possible. And then in the summer my 10-15 day motorbike trip cannot be missed.

Chiara - In Bologna there's the Futa, if you're a Bologna motorcyclist you can't not go to the Futa at the weekend! My dream though is on the track, I really like it and I like track bikes. I also started going out on mini-motos to improve my riding.

Mariaelena - I really like weekend trips, the track gives me an incredible adrenaline rush but for me off-road is total freedom. I love it and I want to learn to dance on dirt roads like real off-road riders.

The riding experience you dream of?

Mariaelena - The Chica Loca, a women's rally run in the Oman desert. That's why I started doing cross-country a year ago.

Chiara - Stefi and I are more tarmac lovers. So for me the dream is to set the fastest time at Misano or Mugello.

Stefania - Mugello is the track, I've already been there with Dario Marchetti on the twin-seater and it's really fantastic. As far as travel is concerned, after going through the Black Forest, the Balkans and France, I would like to go to the North Cape next.

The first time you never forget

What was it like riding a Ducati for the first time?

Mariaelena - Exhilarating! My father brought it home and said: ‘Here it is, this is your Ducati’. I cried with emotion. A unique emotion.

Chiara - I've always had a fondness for the Monster, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to ride it. When I took it and looked at it in front of me I couldn't believe it. I got a lump in my throat.

Stefania - I've always wanted a Monster, and when I finally got my 821 I felt it was mine immediately.

And is there a dream Ducati?

Stefania - The Streetfighter V4.

Chiara - A supersport Ducati to have even more fun with, the Panigale V2.

Mariaelena - The Multistrada, because it is the perfect bike to enjoy travelling and also for off-road.

Three words about the new Monster.

Stefania - Easy to ride, very light, great fun.

Chiara - The response to the throttle is crazy because it's so light. It is so easy to handle that it feels like being on a bicycle, that is before you open the throttle! But together with the power it gives you a lot of confidence. With each lap it makes you go further and further, which in my case meant my first knee scraping on the track. It was beautiful, almost emotional! But if I had been on another bike I don't think I would have been able to do it!

Mariaelena - It was a crazy discovery. It's a really intuitive bike, it makes even people like me with little track experience feel free and safe.

As a Ducatista, what was it like to experience a track day on the new Monster?

Stefania - Beautiful, almost surreal. We were all a bit nervous at first, but then, thanks to the photographers and the Ducati staff, it all came together very naturally.

Mariaelena - A great satisfaction. Being called by Ducati to do what we like the most is a dream come true.

Chiara - It was great because it was the three of us, we had the track to ourselves and so we were very motivated. I would do it again fifty times!

Together it is even more fun

Your followers see you riding the Scrambler, the Panigale, the Monster... As well as with each other, you show that you are in tune with very different bikes!

Chiara - Yes, lots of people contact us to ask how the bike is going, how to get the most out of it... A wonderful community has been created, made up not only of girls but also of lots of guys. People who have become attached to the group and are happy when they see us together!

Mariaelena - Sharing your passions with Chiara and Stefania transmits energy and positivity and this is something that everyone passes on. The girls take you as an example and the boys recognise your passion and commitment. There can be no greater satisfaction!

Stefania - A lot of girls write to me on social media for advice. Women can do anything if they want to, and this is a message I am happy to pass on!

Slowly we are regaining our freedom, including the freedom to get back on the bike. How are you going to use it? What are your next events?

Stefania - I'll be back on track in a few days, and I can't wait! Then I will treat myself to a nice tour of the Passo della Futa, Raticosa and Tuscany.

Chiara - Mariaelena and I went to the Days of Joy Scrambler in Cesenatico. As soon as my new SuperSport 950 arrives I'm going to get the most out of it, perhaps with some track experience!

Mariaelena - Definitely the Days of Joy and a bit of healthy off-roading on the island of Elba. And then finally a weekend with the two of them in Bologna!

And if anyone wasn’t sure about the sincerity of your friendship, after this interview they should have no doubt! There's only one thing left to explain: why Ducati?

Mariaelena - Ducati is the myth. The dream of all motorbike lovers. There are a lot of bikes in the world, but Ducatis are unique, you can spot them a mile away.

Stefania - For me, Ducati is THE bike. The Rossa you see as a child and it stays with you forever.

Chiara - Ducati because I'm from Bologna, and Ducati is a source of pride. And then because Ducatis combine elegance, power and aggression. It is the bike with a capital B.

Chiara, Mariaelena and Stefania On track with the Monster: first contact!
Chiara, Mariaelena and Stefania On track with the Monster: the fun continues!
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