Travelling the roads of Sardinia aboard two gems of
futuristic off-road technology. Ducati Multistrada and
Lamborghini Urus.

From the toughest of challenges,
the finest technologies.

Both Ducati and Lamborghini have innovation and per ormance in their DNA. Racing technologies have been pushed to the limit, but in recent years both brands have also applied their design and engineering experience to extreme projects, such as Multistrada and Urus. New operating conditions have triggered a whole new approach to vehicle dynamics and technologies, resulting in a period of “wild” innovation.

Ducati Electronic Suspension

With more than 400 possible parameter combinations, easily selected by the rider via the inter ace, Ducati electronic suspension allows for practical, intuitive and rapid set ing adjustment, for the ideal suspension in any riding situation.

Lamborghini Active Air Suspension

The Lamborghini Urus’ adaptive air suspension system enables the vehicle to be raised or lowered according to road and driving conditions, or according to the driver’s preference, by selecting the driving mode via the dedicated controller on the center console: the Tamburo.

At the height of evolution,
forerunner of innovation.


Ducati Skyhook System

The Skyhook system improves on traditional systems by of ering continuous control of dynamic suspension behaviour, so that the rider feels as if they are suspended from a hook in the sky, ever stable and balanced.

Lamborghini Active Anti-Roll Bar System

The Lamborghini Active Anti-Roll Bar System allows absolute roll angle control up to complete suspension decoupling on the same axle, ensuring both excellent driving comfor on bumpy roads and higher lateral acceleration on bends.

Beyond the borders of
the off-road performance.
Ducati Riding Modes

The current generation of Multistrada is equipped with the latest version of the system, introduced in 2010 with the famous “Four bikes in one” campaign. SPORT mode is for exper riders who want to test their limits. TOURING is per ect for longrange travel in maximum comfor . ENDURO ensures ideal of -road per ormance. URBAN of ers agility and safety even on city streets or in the wet.

Lamborghini Driving Modes

STRADA is the driving mode for ease of driving, comfor and safety; SPORT is for agility, responsiveness and fun to drive; CORSA is selected for precision and maximum per ormance. NEVE ensures ease and safety even on slippery sur aces; TERRA ensures comfor , ease and traction in of -road conditions; SABBIA is per ect for sandy sur aces. Finally, the EGO mode enables the driver to redefine the vehicle’s dynamics according to preferences and needs in terms of traction, suspension, steering.

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