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An Italian journey aboard the Multistrada V4
Sardinia: the world in only one island

So famous and yet so unknown. Beyond the wonderful beaches and exclusive beach resorts, Sardinia is a region of age-old traditions and spectacular natural treasures, not least its incredibly beautiful canyons and plateaus, preserved over time by a proud people, protective guardians of an authenticity for which the land has always stood out.

This breath-taking land is the backdrop for days spent in the saddle, immersed in nature and its flora, scents and light, as we sense the presence of the Mediterranean despite not seeing it. Wonderful, smooth roads, and exhilarating dirt tracks in a setting that only Sardinia can offer.

The spectacular Su Cantaru cliff, north of Oristano. We trace one of the most beautiful coastal dirt roads in the whole of Sardinia. It’s all so beautiful and easy that we never want to leave. Our Multistrada V4 bikes make light work of the stones, sand, and rocks.

The desert where you least expect it

We explore the area to find the most incredible, photogenic spots. From lava desert to salt flats. The surface may change, but never the level of adrenaline and sheer enjoyment aboard the Multistrada V4. Sardinian continues to enthral us, its landscape changing at every turn and continuously surprising us.

Sicily: The road that crosses the mountain

Breath-taking coastal and mountain views, an unspoiled seabed and extraordinary artistic, cultural, and gastronomic patrimony, a reflection of centuries of encounters and clashes between great civilisations: Sicily is an irresistibly charming destination, as intriguing in its infinite beauty as it is elusive in its purest essence.

State highway 120 is a one of a kind. A series of thrilling turns that scale Italy’s most famous active volcano. Look up and see the ancient black rock watching you, surrounding you. A spooky sensation yet one that has us smiling in joy. The sheer joy of travel and discovery.

To feel small, almost overwhelmed.

Feeling small as we cross and climb this eternal mountain. And yet feeling strong and unstoppable, as if the volcano were instilling its power and confidence in you at every turn.

Looking at the aggressive lines of the Multistrada V4, its penetrating eyes across these black rocks, it’s impossible to ignore just how at ease it is, a mythological or futuristic creature, at rest in its natural habitat.

Ready to spring across the black sands, the dunes of the eternal mountain. A park to be explored by us alone, a park where we can launch our Multistrada V4 into infinite high-speed slides, intentional, controlled and managed with ease. A stunning context in which to unleash our thirst for adventure.

It doesn’t seem real, the lunar landscape extending in every direction as we have fun exploring Etna and climbing to a height of 3000 metres. Roads shaped by the grooves of lava. Black paths on black sand. There is a sense of not being on planet earth, but a journey is never a journey if you cannot bask in the feeling of getting lost.

Abruzzo: the bends of the little Tibet of Italy

A green region of Europe located at the centre of Italy and in the heart of the Mediterranean, Abruzzo offers panoramic itineraries and spectacular scenery, with dream roads that wind through vast plateaus, enchanted forests and villages in which time appears to stand still. A middle ground that harmoniously balances sea and mountain, north and south, adventure and spirituality.

Travelling the endless turns of the Gran Sasso and getting caught up in enjoying the road aboard our Multistrada V4. The mountain opens up and our gaze is drawn to the horizon. A sense of majesty surrounds us - we’re at Campo Imperatore.

The horizon. Perspective. A sense of direction. All elements that distinguish our journey and that come to a head as we cross the vast Campo Imperatore. Italy’s own little Tibet, it is the peninsula’s largest plateau.

As we ride the dirt roads, the light and clouds make for a breath-taking view, and we once again feel small but unstoppable. Our Multistrada V4 has no difficulty going from road to dirt and leaves us with the best feeling of all: that we have the entire world at our feet, and that there will always be a road to travel.

Our travelling companion

Shaped by comfort, robustness and aerodynamic innovation, the design of the Multistrada V4 is a meeting of functionality and Italian style.

Every detail is designed to be part of one harmonious whole, in which man, machine and technology merge to become one.


Ducati Red with black wheels
  • Ducati Red


Ducati Red with glossy black wheels with red tag
Aviator Grey with glossy black wheels with red tag.
Both colours are available with spoked or alloy wheels.
  • Ducati Red - Forged wheels
  • Ducati Red and Spoked wheels
  • Aviator Grey and forged wheels
  • Aviator Grey and Spoked wheels


Sport Livery with glossy black wheels with red tag.
Available with alloy wheels or spoked wheels.
  • Sport Livery and forged wheels
  • Sport Livery and spoked wheels

Expedition Master Sardinia

The Multistrada V4 takes on the vast terrains of the 2021 Dainese Expedition Master Sardinia.

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