Ducati Grand Tour: the wonder of the Balkans.

A fascinating tale of a trip across the Balkans. Rider Andrea Rossi traces a route that takes in the winding roads, unique cultures and natural wonders of this region.
Three days, four countries

In this travel diary, Andrea tells us all about his adventure, one of real exploration. A three-day itinerary that takes in no less than four countries, with their winding roads, unique cultures and natural wonders.

The ideal start


Before setting off, we start the morning with a lovely walk through the historic centre of Ljubljana that literally enchants us with its colours, bridges and cobblestones.
Seeing as nothing whets the appetite like a morning in a new place, we make plans for the day while savouring a traditional Slovenian pastry, known as Prekmurska gibanica.

Next destination: Plitvice Lakes National Park, in Croatia.

Culture and nature combine

Ljubljana - Plitvice Lakes National Park

We arrive at the park, which is a natural wonder as well as the ideal place to stop after three hours of riding. While visiting the lake and waterfalls, we make friends with a local guide who tells us all about the park, the oldest and largest in Croatia and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Jajce, from dusk to dawn

Plitvice Lakes - Jajce

After this adventure, we head to Jajce, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, arriving after a couple of hours in the saddle. This ancient medieval city, surrounded by forests and lakes, even has a waterfall in the city centre. A definite must-see.

That same evening, we take a walk along Plivska Lake, which offers more incredible views. We also visit the picturesque Mlinčići, ancient little mills where families used to grind flour and corn. And, to finish the day off nicely, a traditional dinner with a view of the lake.

It seems incredible how much we’ve done in just one day, visiting three countries in all!

The soul of Sarajevo

Jajce - Sarajevo

After a morning on the bike, we stop in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A multicultural city, it’s often referred to as the “European Jerusalem”.

A local guide walks us through the narrow streets, in search of the colourful bazaar, full of traditional handicrafts, which offers us a glimpse into the heart of this ancient city.

Bosnian coffee has a unique flavour, definitely something to try! They serve it in a džezva on a round tray with sugar cubes and lokum, a Bosnian sweet. It’s the perfect fuel for the day that awaits us!

Before carrying on, we pay a visit to Sarajevo’s Latin Bridge, a place steeped in history. The bridge dates back to the Ottoman period but is famous for having triggered the First World War.

Sunset over Mostar

Sarajevo - Mostar

Our visit to the city of Sarajevo complete, we set off towards Mostar, where we arrive in time for sunset. We make our way through the medieval streets and cross the famous “Stari Most” (which means “old bridge”), a UNESCO world heritage site, that spans the Neretva River. Completely reconstructed after the Bosnian War, it is a symbol of reconciliation.

To round out the day, we enjoy dinner in a typical restaurant where a local chef delights us with traditional Bosnian dishes like local lobster and ćevapčići (spiced, minced meat), a real delicacy!

A touring dream. From the mountains to the sea.

Mostar - Bay of Kotor

On day three, we leave Mostar and head in the direction of our final destination, the Bay of Kotor, in Montenegro.

The panoramic view as we cross the Kotor Serpentine Road is breath-taking. Eight kilometres, sixteen elbow-down turns, an absolute dream for touring enthusiasts.

The Kotor coast is a feast for the eyes, surrounded by mountains and dotted with towns and beaches. It’s the ideal place to conclude our adventure. We take a walk along the coast, have a dip in the sea and then relax at a beach bar.

And that concludes our epic trip through the Balkans, an adventure that opened the door to new friendships, fascinating cultures and spectacular sights.

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