The way out for creative minds - Williamsburg

Today in Williamsburg you can see an incredible example of urban regeneration. The old red brick factories and warehouses now sport a modern, brilliant and eco-sustainable design. The roofs have been transformed into green grass gardens, and exclusivity has no longer to do with luxury and glitz but rather the constant search for detail.

The paved streets that rhythmically intersect with each other mark time and distance. Cruising through the narrow turns, even at low speeds, agile riding becomes a pleasure.

The way out for artists - Bushwick

The walls of this distric are covered with beautiful murals, and the artistic activity never stops: day and night groups of artists armed with ladders and canisters are hard at work on the streets of Bushwick. 

The results are so surprising that for some time now even commercial advertising has been converted to this form of high-impact art. Indeed, advertising hand-painted directly on the walls of the city comes from here. 

As with the Ducati Diavel 1260 S, on these streets the line between art and product is increasingly fuzzy.

The way out for adventurers - Bear Mountain

This interstate park a hundred kilometres from the centre of Manhattan is a dream come true for those who love to ride. 

Roads with an excellent grip scale the mountains with wide, regular curves, the ideal place to fully enjoy the 159 hp of the Diavel 1260 S and to admire the power of nature broken only by the black asphalt, a striking contrast with the majestic greenery of the surrounding woods and the immense blue sky above.

The way out for unconventional thinkers - Woodstock 

Among the nostalgic shops of the colors of the time full of flowered dresses and second-hand vinyls, the memory of the famous 1969 concert becomes more and more vivid. 

It might be surprising, but Woodstock concert did not take place where it was supposed to. The city administration rejected the permits and the organizers were forced to move the location. 

Their resilience and anarchic attitude pushed them not to give up and eventually they set up in Bethel the biggest concert ever, beyond all imagination.