Form follows function

“The work on the design of the Multistrada V4 was strongly influenced by its technical soul."

Andrea Amato, Ducati Senior Designer 

Shaped by comfort, robustness and aerodynamic innovations, the design of the Multistrada V4 is the encounter between functionality and Italian design.

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Signature DRL headlight confers to the Multistrada V4 the unmistakable Ducati family feeling.


Multistrada V4 improves the family’s sporty and handling-oriented. The 22l muscular tank and the compact chassis proportions make its flyline unique.

The style
of robustness

Designed for heavy use. Built-in turning signals, new generation rear swingarm and subframe. Every detail of the Multistrada V4 speaks of solidity.


Hi-tech inside and out. The rear lights and the DRL projector, the radar and the large TFT dashboard give the Multistrada V4 a technological equipment that intensely characterizes its look.

Enjoy the details

DRL Headlight, sharp flyline and new generation double-sided swingarm are just a few of the defining design details of the Multistrada V4.

From the sketch

We immediately worked on aesthetics and dimensions that were not in line with the rest of the segment, maintaining the compact body typical of the Multistrada family, with respect for lines, harmony and large surfaces. Italian style, not fragmented and harmonious.

To visually enhance the overall feeling of solidity, we worked on the compactness of the proportions, keeping the masses within the wheelbase. 

To the project

Every detail is designed to combine Italian design and functionality, from the arrows incorporated in the motorbike body, not exposed to shocks in off-road activities, to the redesigned dome to raise the eyes DRL, designing an aggressive look, able to cut the dust, but also to leave the necessary space for the electronic evolution of elements such as the innovative radar. 

Even the turning lights relate to the idea of ​​solidity of the bike. The arrows are integrated into the sides, increasing the volume of the bike and maintaining compactness while remaining protected from small lateral blows. The front radar, in particular, has gone from being a functional part to a characteristic and powerful element of the style of the bike, form follows function. 

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Engine, Design, Aerodynamics, Electronics. Explore every aspect of the Multistrada V4.
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Multistrada V4

Touring, Enduro, Sport and Urban: four perfectly balanced souls to make the Multistrada V4 effective and fun in all riding conditions.

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