Ducati Shop and Outlet

For the entire duration of the event, you can go shopping in any of the two shops. At the Ducati Shop, you can choose between clothes from the Ducati Collection, which stands out for innovation and elegance, or between unbelievable sale items from the Scrambler Collection, with clothes reflecting all Fun and Freedom of the Land of Joy. A second shop will house the Ducati Outlet, in which you can buy clothes and accessories designed by Ducati from older collections and refurbished second-hand goods.

The garments, offered in the classic Ducati Red and in an elegant black version, will be enriched by the logo of this exciting event that no Ducati fan would ever want to miss. A series of gadgets and fun gifts will let you share your passion with the people you most care about. And that's not all, in the Ducati Shop is available the customization of the t-shirts purchased!