Let’s Play As One

The fun at the World Ducati Week does not stop at the circuit! This year we also created FantaWDW: a game accessible to everyone, focused on the most adrenaline-filled moment of World Ducati Week 2022: the Lenovo Race of Champions!
Scroll down to scan the QR code and take part in the game!
A real race recognized by the FIM in which 21 Ducati riders will compete, riding a Panigale V4 or Panigale V2 with liveries specially designed by the Centro Stile Ducati for the occasion.

You can now scan the QR code and start enjoying the competition of the Lenovo Race of Champions. FantaWDW has simple rules: the goal is to create the team of riders who you think will come out on top! Through a series of challenges, you can earn credits that can be spent to create your best team. The deadline for choosing the composition of the team will be just before the start of the race.

The players who took part in the FantaWDW will be ranked after the legendary challenge between Ducati riders.

How to play

Earn credits

You can earn credits by completing a series of actions inside and outside of the circuit. The more credits you gain, the more chances you'll have to win your favorite riders.

The choice of the pilots

In the Predictions section you can choose the riders, who are divided into different sections: you will receive bonuses or deductions depending on the performance of the rider or obtaining certain milestones, which will determine the score in the final ranking of all the participants.


In addition to the score related to the riders, there are several categories on which you can make your predictions to earn points: fastest lap, maximum speed, race winner, etc. The value of the rider and the final score will change according to the category to which he belongs and according to the type of action performed.


In the Race section, the results of the qualifying and the race will be visible, and the result of the latter will build the ranking of the players.

Final result

In the app's Ranking section you will be able to see the final score and then your position in the ranking compared to other players. You can also share your ranking on your social media.

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