2018 Ducati Garage Contest

The final stage at WDW 2018

  The eighth edition of the Ducati Garage Contest has just come to a close; the most customised Monsters at the 2018 WDW went head to head.

After the selection of the seventy or so submissions, the ten finalists went to Misano, where they were judged by the WDW crowd as well as by special juries.

The 2018 Ducati Garage Contest was dominated by Franco Orsillo and his “Infinita”, who collected a string of awards in a sweep.

The WDW popular jury gave the victory to Franco, quite a remarkable distance from the runner-up, Franco Lamperti and his futuristic creation, whose name was taken from the asteroid “Apophis 99942”; the third place went to Alberto La Paglia with his “La piccola special”.

 The count of the votes cast by the popular jury delivered the following result: 

Franco Orsillo - Infinita 112 votes

 Luca Lamperti - Apophis 99942 70 votes

 Alberto La Paglia - La piccola special 67votes

 Alwin Passchier - Monster RS EVO 59 votes

 Mauro Gambarini - IronHide 56 votes

 Mirco Chiari - Goliath 29 votes

 Sitthithat Ritthikraironnakan - Mr.Olaf 25 votes

 Mattia Zamperiolo - Schiciabae 20 votes

 Francesco Garattoni - SRR Matt 15 votes

 Angelo Roscilli - Pandaemonium² 13 votes

Orsillo was also awarded the Ducati Corse rider special prize, delivered by Davide Tardozzi, and the technical prize for the best aesthetics; the best technical set-up award went to Alberto La Paglia. The technical jury awards were handed out by Andrea Ferraresi - Head of the Ducati Design Centre, Giulio Malagoli - Product Marketing manager and Lorenzo Uliani - project manager of Ducati Performance.

The Magazine “In Moto” also wanted to give its contribution to the Ducati Garage Contest and rewarded the best execution; the awards went to Luca Lamperti and - needless to say - Franco Orsillo. 

During the three-day event the Garage Contest centre was visited by countless Ducatisti who, besides admiring the specials on display, had also a chance to meet their creators, exchanging ideas and information. So the appointment is for the next World Ducati Week and the Garage Contest, where the best Ducati specials will once again go head to head.