The three-day program

The program for World Ducati Week 2022

World Ducati Week is a real amusement park for enthusiasts of all ages! Paddock activities and track sessions, breath-taking shows and evening entertainment. Dozens of events, all day long and only at WDW - don’t miss it!

Find out about the activities and exclusive events that are not to be missed during this eleventh edition of World Ducati Week.

World Ducati Week 2022: highlights

Relive the thrills of World Ducati Week 2022 day by day through the most exciting moments of the event

discover more
discover more

Everything that’s happening throughout the three days of WDW. A packed schedule of events at the Misano World Circuit and in the surrounding area.

Track For 3-day Pass owners, the opportunity to ride your Ducati on the track.
TRACK The spectacular performances of Emilio Zamora, Victor Chelenkov and Michael Threin
PADDOCK Product Tents: Performance, Multistrada, Monster, Diavel&XDiavel, Scrambler e E-World with the MotoE prototype
PADDOCK DOC Village: an area dedicated to Ducati Official Club members
PADDOCK Closed Room: get an exclusive look at some of the new 2023 Model Year products
TRACK Taxi drives on track with Audi and Lamborghini
EXPERIENCE On/off-road test rides with the latest models in the range
PADDOCK Ducati Talks: in-depth analysis with Ducati and Ducati Corse engineers, designers, test riders and managers
EXPERIENCE DRE Academy riding courses with DRE Rookie and DRE Adventure
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