A double-faced Grand Prix.

  A beaming smile for Bastianini’s third magnificent victory on a Ducati that keeps demonstrating all its strength and speed, and an enormous regret having to see an “all red” podium fade with Bagnaia’s exit, with precious points for the world championship being wasted.
An unchallenged superiority already demonstrated in the qualifiers and reiterated in the race from the very start with the pace imposed by Jack and Pecco, followed by Enea’s progressive ride through to the chequered flag.
Yes, today there were all the conditions for a race worthy of framing, in an all-Ducati duel among our riders.
The great satisfaction given us by an awesome Bastianini remains, as well as by Miller’s excellent second place.
Unfortunately though our thoughts obviously go to Bagnaia’s slide which ended his race, one that would have definitely re-launched the challenge for the title: a challenge that however remains extensive and wide open.
Not much more can be added: Pecco has talent and intelligence: he will make the most of this experience at Le Mans. With our full support, of course.
While celebrating with Enea and the great work of Team Gresini, we are immediately turning over a new leaf and are thinking of the next GP, fully aware of having a bike that enjoys excellent “health” and that is giving us all the satisfactions we expected.