Austrian GP: A race that saw us protagonists with a great Bagnaia.


“Let’s begin at the end, with a smile: it couldn't be otherwise. We are defending a difficult choice: the changing of tyres, which was moreover shared by all those battling for the top positions. That rewarded instead - by just a few seconds - the hazardous choice on the part of those that stood to lose nothing, of staying on the track.

This is the epilogue of a race that was a hard-fought tussle on a “knife edge” against very strong opponents that never let up. A race that saw us protagonists with a great Bagnaia, who was able to express and at the same time manage the potential of our bike, and with an equally commendable Martin who brilliantly confirmed his talent and his regained form with a place on the podium. We are once again at the top of the manufacturers' standings, another element of satisfaction for the whole team.

The only low-key notes are represented by Miller’s performance who, already in a difficult situation, was further penalised by deciding to anticipate the bike change, as well as by Zarco’s fall, the latter penalising above all, the MotoGP standings”.