Ducati Design Experience

Ducati and IAAD – the Italian University for Design - present the first edition of “Ducati Design Experience”, a formative full immersion summerclass that – from July 15th through the 26th – will bring students and design passionate into the Ducati world with the guide of able IAAD professors and key DUCATI professionals. 

A unique occasion to improve design skills by exploring the potential of the Ducati brand.12 days to explore the potential of the world of Ducati through an intense agenda full of lectures, talks, and live experiences, a unique opportunity to understand and discover the company’s core values and to be part of the Ducati’s Design process.

With more than 10 days of intense activities, this program wants to foster motorcycle design awareness and professional growth. The “Ducati Design Experience” will bring together a community of professionals that, through dedication and enthusiasm, will create a shared learning experience. The participants will be split into teams and asked to develop briefs given by the company, presenting the final results of their work in front of a Ducati and IAAD Design Committee.

It will be a workshop in which participants can find inspiration, learn more about one of the most iconic brands of our century, create and share their vision with like-minded people.