Ducati making a strong debut at Auto Shanghai 2021

Ducati presents its full line up at Shanghai Auto Show for the second time. With a dedicated booth at the luxury Hall 8.1, Ducati aims to reinforce its core values of “Style, Sophistication, Performance and Trust” towards the Chinese market during the most important automotive Exhibition in Asia Pacific.

With the interest towards big motorcycle displacements keep growing in China, Ducati is also registering a continuous and positive trend: 20 closed with a 26% yearly growth rate, positing China at fourth place in the global sales volume for Ducati.

Contributing to this success is the Panigale family also thanks to the well-established sport positioning of Ducati brand and bikes. In the past 30 years, Ducati has become the brand with the most awards with 366 awards in the previous Superbike Championships, and it is undoubtedly a unique symbol of motorcycle racing. Ducati also won the title of Champion Manufacturer in the 2020 World Motor Championship. At the Auto Shanghai 2021 the Panigale V2 and Panigale V4 will be exhibited.

Contributing to the success of Ducati also the Streetfighter family, here premiered in black color (MSRP of 239.000 RMB) and the free spirited Scrambler brand, presented at Auto Show with the new model Night Shift (MSRP 110.000 RMB).

Released during Auto Show is the MSRP for Ducati Superleggera, priced 1.399.000 RMB. The most desirable Ducati bike has been already sold out in China.

The second part of the year will see the arrival of brand new models, such as the new Monster, Supersport and the brand new dual bike Multistrada. These new models confirm that Ducati is not just a "racing motorbike" but an inclusive world focused on dynamic, young and cool urban riding experiences.

Ducati will also bring a more exciting experience to Chinese customers in 2021. Started in April this year, the DRE Ducati Road Show and Scrambler Road Show will carry out more than 30 stops at each Ducati dealer, bringing a distinctive riding experience to riders across the country. DRE Racetrack academy will double its courses, adding various levels and group training sessions to increase safety and a sense of exclusive experience. The 2021 new season DCPC Ducati Super Cup Challenge is about to set sail. Definitely expect more product launches in the upcoming future, so please stay tuned.