The Ducati Museum presents a new multimedia guide

 The Ducati Museum is one of the four most visited museums in the city of Bologna with over 650,000 visitors so far since 1998. It was updated and renovated to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the company and now it’s further enhanced by a new multimedia guide created to accompany free-flow visitors on their journey through the different rooms of the Museum.

By using the digital guide, visitors can access extra content to complement the information on the wall panels and find out more details about the motorcycles on display thanks to an immersive experience where audio, images, text and video go together to complete the storytelling.

The guide is a web app which can be consulted directly from the visitor’s smartphone. By connecting to the dedicated address and typing in the access code provided at the ticket office, users reach a platform where there are two options for accessing the content:

  • The ‘Guided tour’ mode is an itinerary in 8 stages which follows the progressive order of the museum, going over the history of the company and the development of Ducati’s production and race bikes;
  • The ‘Storytelling’ mode is organised in 4 thematic sections, giving in-depth information on each: highlights of the Ducati history, the history of racing, the history of the company’s production bikes and the socio-cultural context.

The Ducati Museum has been laid out in such a way as to present each bike as an authentic work of art; it’s a story that’s told through a language made up of shapes and colours and brought to life with dedicated installations. The items on display, the installations and the colours work together to communicate the fundamental values of the brand: Style, Sophistication and Performance.

As well as exploring the museum, visitors can book for a guided tour of the factory to see how a Ducati is made, or for the Fisica in Moto workshop with specialised tutors, to learn more about how basic physics principles are applied to the use of motorcycles.