The Ducati Museum presents a new multimedia guide

The Ducati Museum is one of the four most visited museums in the city of Bologna and has boasted more than 650,000 admissions so far since 1998. Renewed on the occasion of the company's 90th anniversary celebrations, it is enriched with a new tool: a multimedia guide that accompanies the visitor on the journey through its rooms.

Through the digital guide, the visitor accesses extra content, in addition to those on the wall, discovering the details of the bikes on display through an immersive experience in which audio, images, texts and videos build a single story.

The guide is a web App that can be consulted directly from your smartphone. By connecting to the dedicated address, the user accesses the platform where he can choose between two options for using the contents:

  • the 'Guided tour' mode, an 8-stage itinerary that, following the progressive order of the rooms, traces the history of the company, the evolution of standard Ducati motorcycles and that of competition models;

  • the 'Narrative paths' mode, which allows you to deepen 4 thematic itineraries: the highlights of Ducati history, the history of racing, the history of standard bikes and the socio-cultural context.

The Ducati Museum is set up and built so that each motorcycle is exhibited as a true work of art, a story told with a language made of shapes and colors and emphasized by dedicated installations. Through the exhibition, the installations and the colors, the founding values ​​of the brand are presented: Style, Sophistication and Performance.