From China to the DRE Racetrack Champs Academy, the school of champions

Karl Ye is the winner of the first race of the Panigale China Cup. The racer is enthusiast that he could take part in the DRE Academy with Chaz Davies, where he could get some advice to improve his riding style.

Chaz Davies was the main instructor of the DRE Racetrack Academy that took place the 14th and 15th May in Misano. Karl Ye, the winner of the first race of the Panigale China Cup had the chance to take part in the course held by expert racers to improve his racetrack driving. 

Watching Chaz from behind and following his trajectory like a shadow was unbelievable. It’s a dream come true.”, said Karl“It is definitely not easy to follow Chaz. He’s really fast, but right when the rhythm was rising, lap after lap, was when I learned the most.” 

To Karl Ye, having the possibility to spend the entire day side to side with a champion like Chaz Davies sounds like a double win. “It will be for sure one of these days you won’t forget. It was one of the best days of my life, I didn’t want it to be over! Chaz is not only a good guy, he is also very sharp at analyzing your riding style: I learned a lot from him.”

The Chinese racer has proved during the Panigale China Cup to be able to unlock all the potential of the 959 Panigale. He won the first appointment of the series under a pouring rain in the Zhuhai International Circuit, but his commitments are not over. His next appointment will be on 15th and 16th June at the Pan Delta Racing Festival, again in Zhuhai. 

The DRE Racetrack Academy is still open: choose the option that suits you the most and book your dream day like a professional motorcycle racer, learning from Ducati’s big champions.