It’s with great delight that we hail Pecco’s first win in MotoGP!

  “A great, as well as long awaited victory, well deserved and prestigious, achieved in the most breathtaking way after a closely contested battle against an inspired Marquez, constantly challenging and always as dangerous as only he knows how to be in situations such as these.
Stress that Bagnaia was able to masterfully manage, as much brave heartedly as intelligently, finally taking advantage of all his talent with the utmost clear-headedness, and with impeccable trajectories. On this track we expected our rivals to be extremely competitive, but when one has to deal with the Spanish champion, as inspired as he proved to be, everything becomes much more difficult and as a result, even more satisfying.
In short, an exemplary race, a result that proves that despite everything already being done the right way, it was however without being able to attain what was rightfully deserved. We stayed focussed on our work, we absorbed the concerns and continued as usual.
To the merit of the riders moreover, was their constant readiness, and today Francesco is reaping the benefits of these endeavours, and with him the whole Team: the best way for preparing ourselves to embrace our supporters next weekend at Misano!”