Now it is essential for us to feel like a Team.

 First of all I want to pay tribute to Jack, reiterating all our appreciation for the loyalty and commitment he has always demonstrated with talent and professionalism, as well as for the team spirit with which he contributed to the growth of our Project.
I am particularly pleased that this coincides with his outstanding race, stubborn and tenacious, rewarded by a podium, unmistakable sign of intelligence and determination.
Zarco’s splendid reconfirmation at the top says a lot about the solidity and quality of the rider and the Pramac Team, while I consider Marini's fifth place an exciting step for his, and the VR46's, growth.
Regretfully, however, all the disappointment for Pecco’s "zero” prevails, even more so after the umpteenth and promising pole position obtained, while our opponents score, meritoriously, another decisive victory, with the World Championship in mind. Now it is essential for us to feel like a Team, knowing that we have a great bike and, above all, excellent riders. We will still have to grow together, learning from our mistakes and humbly looking for the solutions we need to reach the only goal that is still missing.
Come on, Ducati!